health/attendance office

Phone: 952-473-5356, ext. 306
FAX: 952-473-3186

Redeemer Christian Academy is pleased to be able to offer your children health services that best accommodate their needs. The Health/Attendance Office is staffed during the school day Monday-Friday during school hours. They serve the entire school family by handling attendance, health and immunization records, medication, first aid, and education through prevention and awareness. Outside of school hours the office staff handles health services. 

When to contact the Health/Attendance Office:

In addition, please note:

  • Upon returning to school after an absence, please send a note with your child with a short explanation for the absence.

  • During the "cold and flu" season, we suggest that parents remind their children to wash their hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs and get plenty of rest in order to remain healthy.

  • Students must be fever-free, less than 100.0 degrees without medication for 24 hours before coming to school!

  • NO vomiting for 24+ hours before coming to school!

  • Minnesota State law requires a doctor's prescription/note for any medication given during school time, including over the counter medicines.

  • If your child is returning to school with a cast, stitches, crutches or any restrictive injury, your child must provide the teacher with a note from the doctor. Children will not be permitted to participate in gym or recess without such documentation and without medical clearance from the doctor.


Questions? Contact Tammy Melton, Nurse Para